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The leaders in strip winding tread application

Troester QSM 120/k 12D Pin extruder [120mm]


Screw: Nitride steel, surface hardened by nitriding.

Hollow-bored for waterflow. 1.5D mixing zone.

Barrel: 2 pin barrel sections with water flow in each.

Replaceable barrel liner of nitride steel.

Barrel end flange with manual clamp device and adapter flange for attachment of the roller die.wp769564b5.png

Hopper: Double-walled design for cooling water flow.

Replaceable liner of nitride steel.

The Feed hopper is top mounted for operator safety.

Feed roller: Made of nitride steel with rotary joint for water cooling,
adjustable scraper knife. Driven by splined coupling ring, pinion with
shear pins as overload protection...

Hinged design manually swings open.

Compound pressure measuring device in head.

Compound temperature measuring device in head.

Extruder motor
Extruder motor: Probably ABB: 110 kW ca 215A 400 VAC 50 Hz. or 90 kW 175 A ca 215A 400 VAC 50 Hz.

Extruder motor drive: Telemecanique ATV71



Temperature control units, [4or5 depending upon requirements], portable and compact to save space and to facilitate quick and efficient servicing.


Footprint: L=2660, W=1500, H=2100 [extruder only]

Footprint: W=1200, L=600 [Electrical cabinet for extruder]