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Green Diamond Winter Tyre System

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Green Diamond Traction Tyres are tyres manufactured under license and have the main attribute of having hard granules embedded into the whole tread of the tyre.

The basic idea is that many small edged particles with firm contact points to the ground will outperform the hammering effect of the studs thus eliminating the main drawbacks of studded tyres that is: the road wear, air pollution and the noise, without compromising with the effectiveness in slippery conditions or the wear of the tyres. The Green Diamond tyres has been tested both at VTI in Sweden, Bast in Germany at the same time as extensive tests has been done on the road on ordinary vehicles in both Island, Norway and Sweden

The Green Diamond tyre process could also be applied on truck tyres, improving the winter road performance for busses and trucks.

Advantages of green Diamond Tyres:wpd428bec7.png  ▪ Good traction in all terrain, especially on snow and ice.

  ▪ Shorter braking distances especially using ABS type braking.

  ▪ The good traction of the hard-granule tyres remains throughout the life of the tyre.

  ▪ Noise is similar to regular winter tyres without studs.

  ▪ Road wear is similar to regular winter tyres.

  ▪ Green Diamond tyres could be used in contries where studded tyres are not allowed.

  ▪ The patented manufactoring process is very simple and requires very little additional investments and no altering to         existing strip winding builder.

  ▪ Today all granulated tyres are retreaded thus promoting the popular concept of recycling.

The success of GREEN DIAMOND TYRES has already been confirmed in Iceland by a rapid increase in market share, reaching 10% for winter tyres in competition with studded tyres and other brands of winter tyres. In Sweden the production has increased from 3000 tyres in 1998-99 to 15.000 in 1999-2000 and expected to exceed 50.000 the 2000-01 winter season. Introduction has already started in Canada where several thousand GREEN DIAMOND TYRES have been on test scattered around the East-coast during the 1999-2000 winter season. Increased volume is anticipated in N-America.

The granules are added to the tyre tread rubber when it is applied to the tyre. This method is specially designed to be used with the strip winding technique when building a tyre. When used in combination with the Dacapo builder, the granulating process will be fully incorporated in the automatic tyre building cycle, preventing form any in process failure like wrong amount of granules or applied in the wrong position etc. Contact Dacapo to find out how to be licensed to use the GREEN DIAMOND process in the production.