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Suppliers of tyre manufacturing equipment
The leaders in strip winding tread application


Dacapo sells CRS' products in Europe. CRS is a well known tyre manufacturing equipment company from the

U.S.A. with a product range covering tyre hubs, rims, laser alignment system, measurement system etc.


Expandable Chuck Hubs

CRS hubs are specified by some of the industries leading equipment manufactories.
CRS hubs are made with more material in crucial wear areas providing greater accuracy and longer wear life.

CRS hubs can be made to retrofit any machine that uses standard 12 segment expandable rims.


Plasteel Stems For Expandable Hubswp44cccf7c_0f.jpg

These stems are made with a high tech plastic which makes them  very durable under adverse conditions. The plastic is made with a lubricant moulded in which provides longer life and smoother operation. Underneath the plastic is solid steel, giving them the strength for even the toughest jobs.


Gold Series Solid Brass Stems

Solid brass design.
Guaranteed not to bend for life of product.
Prevents leading edge wear - the most common reason stems are thrown away.
Dual spring retention holes.
Replaceable nylon wear strips.
5 year pro-rated warranty.


Rims and Belts


Black Rubber Belts:

wp6ebf4d6c.png wp13bcdcc0.png                                              


Blue Ribbon Rubber Belts:
Synthetic Blue Ribbon belts for expandable rims.
More durable, more wear resistant and longer lasting.
Most sizes listed available in the Blue Ribbon Line.


Laser Line Guides