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Suppliers of tyre manufacturing equipment
The leaders in strip winding tread application

Dacapo was formed in England on 29th of October 1991.

From the start, Dacapo owned and leased several Orbitread® strip wind builders to retread factories all over Europe.

In 1994, we realized a need for modern builders and started to develop our own strip wind builders.

The goal was to:

 ▪ create a builder building tyres of high quality using the strip wind technique.

  ▪ use state of the art technology to minimize down-time.

  ▪ use standard equipment and open systems with the possibility to easily add new features to meet future demands.

  ▪ have a high degree of automation to reduce rejects depending on operator mistakes.

  ▪ have a builder to meet future demands for production information and production traceability

We have Dacapo Vision Builders installed in:

 ▪ England

 ▪ Finland

 ▪ Italy

 ▪ Luxembourg

 ▪ The Netherlands

 ▪ Sweden

 ▪ Switzerland

 ▪ United States

Besides the visiOn builder we also developed larger strip wind builder with stand-alone extruders, building stations and temperature control units. These are normally used for aircraft tyres and truck tyres.

Today we have these builders installed in:

 ▪ China

 ▪ England

 ▪ The Netherlands

 ▪ USA

 ▪ The Netherlands

To meet the growing demand for a good modern strip wind builder for OTR tyres, we started to develop builders that will cover the range from 24" to 49" (large) and 33 to 63" (ultra) tyres

Today we have these builders installed in Spain and more under production

Dacapo LTD was bought by New Industries, Island in 2001.